What we need to know and do to prevail
against all that's set out to drive us backward
and downward in evolution.

Where and how the shift from the best in us to the worst in us began ... left us with the bloody struggle we know as history ... and now, at last, new hope for liberation.

The evolutionary drive ahead of freedom, equality, and partnership moral sensitivity versus the evolutionary drive downward and backward of coercion, control, and dominator moral insensitivity.

Six foundations for the moral thrust upward for evolution, moral transformation theory, and a very new and very old moral code.

The billion year thrust of freedom and equality
as a foundation for moral and general evolution.

A tribute to the billion year thrust of love
in evolution and new look at the
love story of all of us.

The science of how over millions of years everything in our lives was ... and is today, right now, this breath, this very second... shaped by the foundation of a higher guidance system embedded within the astounding flow of your and my brain and mind.

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