What we need to know and do to prevail against all that's set out to drive us backward and downward in evolution.


Where and how the shift from the best in us to the worst in us began ... left us with the bloody struggle we know as history ... and now, at last, new hope for liberation.


The evolutionary drive ahead of freedom, equality, and partnership moral sensitivity versus the evolutionary drive downward and backward of coercion, control, and dominator moral insensitivity.


Six foundations for the moral thrust upward for evolution, moral transformation theory, and a very new and very old moral code.

More Advanced


The billion year thrust of freedom and equality as a foundation for moral and general evolution.

#106 LOVE IS ...

A tribute to the billion year thrust of love in evolution-and the love story that is all of ours.


The science of how everything in our lives is shaped by the foundation of a higher guidance system embedded over millions of years within the astounding flow of brain and mind.


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We live in a world with thousands of schools, colleges, churches, and so-called think tanks
that were founded-and are fiercely financed-for the indoctrination and training of scientific ignorance,
religious intolerance, and regressive mind.

In other words, schooling for the worst in us blindly aimed to destroy us.

Osanto University has been founded for awakening, nurturing, and scientifically
and spiritually armoring moral evolution, transformation, and progressive mind.

By adding our books and self-directing courses to your educational experience, you can

NOW ...

not after many years, or maybe never, and at your own pace ...
put heart, mind, and soul to the building of a better world today!

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